Vietnamese Seafood & Agriculture Export: Innovate or Deteriorate

Brand marketing

The Vietnamese economy has enjoyed remarkable achievements and growth since the start of its first economic renovation. Presently, Vietnam has an abundance of natural resources and is faced with great opportunities for export.

In the coming year, agricultural and seafood exports are expected to increase due to the increasing demands of the foreign markets and the benefit of tax reduction when exporting internationally.

So why aren’t Vietnamese exports taking the global market by storm?

Identity Agency has pinpointed the reason Vietnamese exports are not globally recognised and we are providing a solution for this. Our key insights and analysis indicates that despite the growing demands on Vietnamese firms to export, over 80% of exporting agricultural companies in Vietnam do not have a brand, logo or packaging – forcing them to export through a foreign retailer.

Currently, close to 90% of Vietnamese products in the foreign market are exchanged as raw ingredients through a third party and none of these products have distinguishable labels or identifiers.

Without visually distinguishable labels, it can be hard to communicate the most crucial element: brand identity. Brand identity represents how your company wants to be perceived by potential clients. It is what makes your brand credible, approachable and associated with quality.  In fact, it should convey the depth of your Vietnamese roots yet appeal to international customers. Visual identity can help convey your brand identity to your audience.

With little to no branding, the only method Vietnamese organisations are employing in order to compete against highly branded Japanese, Thai and Korean products is slashing prices.

But why drop your revenues when you can get consumer attention in other ways?

A solution to this dilemma can be found with us, at Identity Agency. We enhance your business strategy by polishing the most essential element in gaining recognition: Branding.

To resonate globally, you need to create awareness and recognition. This stems from having a strong visual identity and consistent brand identity. Customers are drawn to authentic brands, but how will customers know your value if you aren’t projecting a message that they truly connect with or trust?  This is why you need a good brand development strategy.

At Identity Agency, we use branding to give the desired impression of your company overseas. We help establish your brand in a way that promises credibility in the foreign market.

We encourage brands to channel their history and passion, and we help project it visually. We capture your organisation’s strengths, and help you build a truly powerful brand with a personality.