How To Leverage Machine Learning For Digital Marketing Success

Machine learning isn’t just a buzzword but has become very popular within the digital marketing landscape. It’s essential that every digital marketer should know when applying machine learning to their digital marketing strategy.

In fact, 97% of leaders believe that the future of marketing lies in the ways that digital marketers work alongside machine-learning based tools, according to QuanticMind.

Machine learning.

The Impact Machine Learning has on Digital Marketing

The face of digital marketing as we know it, is being impacted daily by the applications of ML. With ML tools, your digital marketing team is armed with the ability to analyze extremely vast sets of data and yield digestible and comprehensible analytics that can be used to their advantage.

ML tools provide findings that help the digital marketing team obtain in-depth insights that better expand their understanding of the target customers. The teams can then apply their in-depth insights to all strategies.

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

ML is instrumental in employing data, content, and online channels in order to enhance productivity and provide marketers with a better understanding of the target audience. Following are a few examples of how you can add ML to your digital marketing services and strategy:

Content management:

To build engagement and accelerate brand awareness, your digital marketing team is encouraged to harness meaningful relationships not only with customers but also with leads and prospects.

Whilst optimizing your dialogue and engagement on all online platforms, you can pull from your ML tools to analyze the type of phrases, keywords and general content that is most accessible and relevant to your targeted audience.

Top 3 stats that are effective for content, according to LinkedIn:

  • Audience relevance – 58%
  • The ability to trigger an action or response – 54%
  • Engaging and compelling storytelling – 57%

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A key component of an informed and well-crafted digital strategy is SEO. As a highly coveted skill, specializing in SEO is still a priority amongst digital marketers. Thanks to AI and ML tools, the insights garnered from searchable content are more applicable and relevant to the search process, as opposed to simply employing specific keywords.

In fact, Atomic Reach has an AI tool that links machine learning with real time guidance to help marketers produce written content efficient.

It becomes paramount to ensure that your online resources and web pages retain a notable ranking place on various search engine results pages. To do so, the standard and quality of your content should be refined, not just your keywords. This will place you as a front-runner in the arena of future-forward content creation and SEO.

PPC campaigns:

Machine Learning tools can help you level-up your PPC campaigns by providing information that demonstrates:

  • Better strategic decisions based on top performance drivers
  • Metrics you need to help drive your business forward
  • Overcome the struggles that keep you from meeting PPC goals

Where does Machine Learning stand in your Digital Marketing strategy

One of the ways you can incorporate machine learning into your digital marketing strategy is through the implementation of ML techniques. ML techniques are an efficient and viable solution to multiple problems including (but not limited to) processing large datasets and allowing users to access personalized content drips created by you.

With a greater emphasis placed on achieving future-forward market research, ML tools and chatbots are enabling this research at an accelerated rate whilst simultaneously developing personalized relationships with engaged users.

For digital marketers of the contemporary age, ML tools help to unearth predictive knowledge using a large artificial intelligence scope. ML tools provide your digital marketing team with data analyzing ability that allows them to engage in multiple touchpoints with hyper-targeted prospects all along the sales funnel.

The power of machine learning needs to be embraced by you and your marketing team.  Start to build meaningful relationship development and start making a future-forward impact that inspires engagement.

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to level-up the capabilities of you and your marketing team, and start making a future-forward impact that inspires engagement and meaningful relationship development.

Credit to Digital Marketing Institue and QuanticMind