How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has become the trend for video marketers to establish and build brands that generate leads and sales online. Video marketers should be thinking about the video strategy that will have maximum viewership and turnover for their companies.  We ensure you these tips below will to help with your video marketing strategy.  The power of video is here to stay.

Video marketing on a computer screen.

Define Your Target Audience

By looking at your current customer base, are you able to profile them? If so, how? Are you able to discern where they spend their time online? These are the questions that allow you to ascertain who you will target and how you will be able to communicate your message to them clearly.

If you are still unable to reach the audience you are aiming at, based on the ideal customer you could profile your audience. Make certain that your ideal customer, indeed, requires your product or service and that you are uniquely able to meet their needs.

Build KPIs and Goals

For your video campaign, KPIs and goals are needed for measurability.  You can’t calculate ROI without goals to show that your videos are actually working. Perform some A|B tests so that you can learn what works well for your audience, then you can decide on what’s more appealing for your brand.

Create Cost-Effective, Valuable Videos

By determining your content schedule, you can effectively outline the content in your video marketing strategy. As a marketer, you should consider the quantity and frequency of the videos you want to publish, are you able to cover one video a week or is it more sensible to make two videos per month?

Once you are able to discern your content schedule, it is strongly encouraged to diversify the kinds of videos you are offering, of which there are many differing kinds you can choose from:

  • How-to videos
  • Educational videos
  • Recorded webinar videos
  • Case study videos
  • Tips and tricks videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Entertaining videos

Make sure that your video is easily recognizable with visual-striking branding, then tell a story that matches your goals and your brand.

Develop Your Customer Journey & Personas

To ensure that your video content connects, on a deeper level, with your customers, you’ll need to ensure you’ve targeted the appropriate message to the relevant audience. You can do this by discovering and reviewing consumer insights prior to creating your video.

Creating script for your video can be easy, but recreating the video consumes more resources, which means it is necessary to get it right the first time.

Choose The Video And Platform Type

Multiple platforms exist on which to host your vide such as (but not limited to) YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook, traditional TV and more. In order to make certain which platform is the most appropriate for the tone of your message, it will be necessary to research upon which platform your audience spends a bulk of its time.

For example, content on platforms such as YouTube should be longer videos, as you have some staying power on these platforms. Whereas other platforms should be chosen based on whether you are presenting live videos or short-term campaign videos.

Test And Compare

Numbers, numbers & numbers, it’s not the most exciting task of the marketing process, buts its essential. With tons of optimization & analytics tools on the market such as hellobar, needls and semrush, you’re not alone in this task.

Credit to Hila Nissim via MarTech Series and you can follow them @Twitter