Google Trends: Best Practices For SEO & Content Marketing

Below are several tips that allow you to gain access to insights that are unparalleled. These tips range from optimally adjusting keyword choice, to optimizing content marketing, to efficiently promoting your website.

Content marketing.

Learn Amount of Keyword Traffic

Google Trends is a visual comparison offering insights into traffic levels, and is officially a Google Tool. It may not provide the precise amount of traffic, but it indicates a relative amount. This can be particularly useful if combined with already accessible knowledge of how much traffic is generated from a related keyword or phrase.

How to Obtain More Accurate Traffic Data

If you want to unlock the traffic data of a keyword, compare that keyword with a keyword you already rank for and are familiar with the traffic levels.  As long as you know the traffic level amounts for one keyword, the traffic levels of other keywords subsequently become more understandable.

Gain Insights for Content Marketing

Two methods of looking at keyword data are either over a long period of time, or a shorter period of time.

Downward Long Range Trends
If the trend line is moving down, then it may be a signal that audience content consumption is changing.

For example, review this five-year trend for WordPress the search term, WordPress the software and WordPress the website:

Upward Trending Long Range Trends
If a trend line is moving up, this is indicating that it is encouraged to focus your energies on creating content for this trend

Long Period Trends
A valuable way to distinguish audience trends is to set Google Trends in order to reveal to you traffic trends that can stretch back five years

Plan Future Content

The long view helps you make decisions about future directions. The long view helps you understand where to put the focus for content. If a product is trending downward, then maybe it’s time to think about shifting content resources to another topic or product or even change the content model altogether.

Short View Insights

In short view (such as 90 or even 30 day view), if you view keyword trends, this can often disclose insights that allow you to maximize your content marketing.

If, for example, you scale down to a 90 day view, it allows you to discern which days of the week certain searches of trending keyword trends (such as HOW TO and NEAR ME) are most popular.

Plan Publishing Schedule

This takes the guess work out of creating a publishing schedule. Searches related to How to trend upward on Sundays and Mondays. Searches related to Near Me trend on Fridays and Saturdays.

If your website or podcast is relevant for how to do things or related to hobbies, then it is most favourable to publish, or send out emails to subscribers on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday.

If, alternately, your business is in the food & beverage industry and you own a restaurant, it is most beneficial to have specials and offer special pricing. It also most beneficial to publish on Thursday’s, in order to be prepared for site traffic you can expect on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Keywords by Category

Google Trends has the capability to narrow down your keywords according to categories in order to give more accurate data on your keywords.

Keyword by Geography

Google Trends provides keyword information by geographic location. This information can be used for determining what areas are the best to outreach to or for tailoring the content to specific regions.

In order to efficiently engage in link building, content creation, pay per click and promotion for content, it is necessary to gain keyword popularity information by region.

If, for example, a topic is popular in one region, you can taper your content promotion in order to locate certain regional magazines and clubs that are particularly related to the niche that you are marketing to.

Geography Data May Enhance Ranking

In order to be relevant to your audience, it is necessary to use geographic information to enhance your content. In order of relevance for the audience, Google ranks its pages, therefore it is encouraged to input geographic nuances and references in your content so that it can be easily ranked and thus hit the right target audience. This would also help the people who are promoting your content on social media, blogs and podcasts.

Rising Queries

The ability to gain insight into keyword phrases that are rising is quite possibly the most useful feature of Google Trends. All that is required of you, is to type in the keyword phrase and this section will provide you with twenty-five upward trending related search queries. Allowing you to react to upcoming opportunities, this data can help you stay on track with how your consumers are evolving.

Takeaway: Google Trends is Useful

Google Trends is an incredibly useful tool. A little creativity yields important search marketing insights. Spend some time with Google Trends, I’m certain you’ll discover insights that will improve how content is created and promoted online.

Credit to Roger Montti via Search Engine Journal and can follow him @Twitter.