Brand Development: The Importance of the Digital Age

What is the true concept and value of brand development, as well as the importance of brand building through means of digital marketing?

The rapidly developing technologies of our industry, coupled with surfacing social media platforms, viral videos, a surge of memes, algorithm updates, escalating mobile adoption and more, often eases us into forgetting the one thing that remains constant – the brand.

It is pivotal to maintain the fundamentals of brand building all while pushing the boundaries of our marketing capabilities in our rapidly evolving digital environment.

brand development.

Brand Development through Digital Marketing

What is branding? There’s a difference between a brand name and a brand. Your brand name is tangible and people can see it, while your brand, however, only exists in the mind of your customers – it’s what they think of when they hear your name.

This is why it’s important to incorporate these tasks into your brand development strategy.  Another recommended read is the brand development process for your company and we break it down smoothly.

Branding and Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Marketing may be the term used to describe the activity of what you’re doing, but branding is the best way to describe what you are. Marketing best delivers a message to your audience about your brand, but this mainly serves the purpose of advocating a service. Branding, on the other hand, relays to your audience what your core values are and why your business exists. Branding building harnesses the power of emotive responses to help build a connection with your audience, whilst marketing simply uses persuasion as a tactical strategy for the promotion of its services or products. Outbrain breaks down further, the understanding or marketing and branding.

Digital Age of Branding

It is vital to creating a strong brand in an evolving digital age. Though branding has always been critical, it is even more so in the online environment that sees constantly changing behaviours.

Some of the benefits of branding include:

  • It is an instrument that can be used to maintain a competitive advantage and helps you cut through the chaos and competition of digital media
  • A well-defined brand helps distinguish your product from your competition as more and more users have access to a multitude of products and services to choose from
  • The connectivity of brands, people and things is heightened in the digital world and branding enforces this
  • Digital branding has the competitive edge of earned media (communities and brand advocates), this is in addition to paid and owned media
  • Brands have less control over what is said about them online. Users have access to the opinions of other users, which heavily influence their purchase decisions.
  • Branding is about your customer services, sales process, social/online engagement and your employees – not only about your service and product.

Branding with Integrated Digital Marketing

The use and application of integrated marketing in a growing digital landscape is the chief and leading means to success. Delivering your marketing strategy in silos is almost inconsequential, and the capacity for a brand to support all channels both directly and indirectly is what makes a strong brand. Hence, time and resources are required to be invested in brand building through digital marketing.

To reach optimal success in your integrated digital marketing, it is paramount to incorporate brand building. Consider what your brand stands for and what drives it, and hone in on how your customers would perceive your brand.

Credit to Bridget Hoepner via Mediavision and you can follow them @Twitter