Creative development for Digital Marketing in 2018

Creative development, as the name suggests, necessitates a surge of creative energy and lateral thinking. But with a multitude of tasks to undertake, it becomes challenging to instill creative inspiration in your team.

Even if inspiration is still flowing, it is necessary to ensure your team does not view their task as an impediment on their 9 to 5 job, you must persuade them to be motivated enough to view it otherwise.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to motivate and enable your team to reach optimal efficiency and creative potential. But this will require undertaking an alternate approach to your already established business practices.

With that said, please have a look at some ways in which you can incorporate creative development into your digital marketing strategy.

A light bulb is a symbol of creative development.

Smooth Job Transition

Menial tasks, though not monumental, are prone to killing productivity amongst your employees whilst distracting them from their core responsibilities.

More often than not, content writers are inclined to optimize content, rather than dispense time polishing the content itself. This deters them from creating new and novel ideas for content and compels them to rush the piece only to focus on finessing the technical part.

One of the most useful methods of helping them combat this problem is to equip them with sufficient WordPress content optimization plugins.

In such a manner, they will have more time to focus on the creative development part of the job and be able to automate the technical aspect of content marketing.

Efficient brainstorming discussions

Your team members may or may not perform under pressure, but consider that fast efficient brainstorming meetings gravitate towards greater results.

A recent survey indicates that an average office worker spends roughly 31 hours per month on unnecessary meetings, resulting in a phenomenal waste of time. A manager delivering a soporific sermon will most likely result in diminished creative energy, or simply diminished energy, overall.

It is strongly encouraged to send non-vital information through e-mail, or alternatively host intense brainstorming sessions in lieu of lengthy meetings.

The Bigger Picture is Essential

A digital marketing campaign, well executed, results in expansion, growth, and subsequently increased sales, prosperity and even a brand legacy that sustains itself over time.

As a marketer spearheading a successful digital marketing campaign, you can be revered in your niche, and have your services become more desires (and hence more expensive). But ultimately, you need to ascertain what your angle is, why you do what you do, and why you strive to be as creative and exceptional as you desire.

In terms of leading a team, it’s essential to assist them and help out and stay motivated, because the hard work will be paid off later.

Think Text and Visual

The digital marketing universe consists of both verbal and visual aspects. But it is necessary to attain a strong equilibrium between the aesthetic quality of your design (the visual) and the clarity of your team’s writing (the verbal).

Additionally, often, it is costly to employ full-time skilled staff for developing web design, and companies are compelled to outsource their web design to a company that may not be reputable enough. This can be damaging and is often at odds with what your internal team had in mind.

The only issue here is coordinating between your in-house team and the agency you’re outsourcing to. This is where you’ll get to put your managerial skills to a test.

You would have to put your managerial skills to test by coordinating between the agency that you’re outsourcing to and your in-house team.

Produce Longer Content

You will need to encourage your team to do more thorough research on the topics they intend to write and create larger content. Several years ago blog posts that were between 600 to 1000 words were the rage, while present things have changed.

Presently, people browsing the web are in favour of lengthier blog posts consisting of over 3000 words. The reason for this is that they are then able to access a fuller and clearer picture in one location and on one platform, rather than piecing together the puzzles of a larger picture from various platforms across the Internet.

However, to avoid diminishing your teams’ creativity by requesting them to create overwhelmingly large swathes of content, it is encouraged to thoroughly schedule a calendar for editorial writing in order to best support the writing team.

Get Inspired by Data & Stats

Its recommended you look for relevant and dependable sources when seeking inspiration. One relevant and noteworthy statistic is likely to engender a good idea with your team. A good idea can grow into a clear headline, a clear headline into a strong article, or informative infographic.

Noteworthy and relevant statistics are well received, but for them to be integrated appropriately into a digital marketing campaign, it needs to be finessed into actionable information.

Time Management

Another cause for concern worth reviewing is that rushing to achieve a deadline often results in the death of creativity. It is recommended to approach your team and let them know they have some more flexibility for a time when it comes to writing pieces they’ve only just started.

Compared to 2014, we see in 2017 that an average of 3 hours and 20 minutes was spent on writing a blog post; this is nearing a full hour more utilized for the same task.

As Google’s algorithm self-improves through machine learning, the standards for content quality will keep surging.  We predict this trend will continue to go in the same direction in the future.

In conclusion, combating recognition as unique in a world where scores of people are creating content on the very same topic, is a challenging task. But trial and error are in order; you have to try if you wish to achieve noteworthy results.

Fortunately, with the right motivation, leadership, and organization, this doesn’t have to be such a difficult task after all.

Credit to Nick Brown via Mention and you can follow them @mention