7 Unique Places To Find Quality Content to Share With Your Fans

Producing your marketing content will ensure that you also have something new to tell your followers.

But we’ll acknowledge sometimes we all get busy so we don’t have the full time and resources to produce our own content.  Nevertheless, I desired to generally share some awesome unique sources.

Without further ado, below are 7 places that you didn’t think to look:


How can you discern what people like, when there’s an abundance of it? How can you truly gauge the virality of an article?

In order to separate the signal from the noise, BuzzSumo provides a tool that can be used to collect critical vital share stats and subsequently crafts a dashboard consisting of top links.

This allows you to determine the performance across multiple social media platforms. The tool further permits you to use date & content type (infographics, video, guest posts, and more) to filter.

Search for digital marketing in buzzsumo.

Next Draft

Dave Pell, the who scans the interwebs and manager of NextDraft. NextDraft is a popular newsletter that contains the latest and interesting news from around the web and sends it out to over 160,000 readers via email newsletter and app every afternoon.

Dave’s has been doing this for many years now and has gain popularity, especially for his sunglasses with a smirk on the face logo.

inspiration for your digital marketing on nextdraft.


Though marginally less loved today, RSS feeds are still loved and recognized. Of all readers, Feedly is the most notable RSS reader.

On a fundamental level, Feedly can be utilized to manage RSS feeds that arise from the sites you follow.

However, it is worth tapping into Feedly’s hashtag search when it comes to unexpected and distinctive content. If you wish to tap into Feedly’s hashtag search, merely type a word into the search bar at the top and choose from a variety of suggested topics.

Feedly’s results provide a multitude of places to discover new content and to subscribe.

inspiration for your digital marketing on feedly.


SmartBrief is a digital media publisher of targeted business news and information by industry.

Newsletters from SmartBrief cover a range of topics and professions by combining editorial and technology expertise.

SmartBrief curated daily from thousands of sources; in partnership with leading professional societies, trade associations,  corporations & nonprofit organizations.

inspiration for your digital marketing on smartbrief.


Valuable content is located and voted on by a deep user base, and in this manner, Reddit identifies scores of valuable content.

Subreddits are specialized and harness a wealth of information on any single topic.

This is an exemplary location in which to monitor up-and-coming links which you can utilize. Below is a list of subreddits that may prove relevant or beneficial to marketers:

  • R/Socialmedia
  • R/DigitalMarketing
  • R/Bigseo
  • R/Advertising
  • R/Design
  • R/ContentCreation
  • R/Infographics
  • R/InternetIsBeautiful
inspiration for your digital marketing on subreddits.


Flipboard has had multiple years of curating content. It notes your interests and in turn, provides an aesthetic and elegantly-designed flip book that contains articles and stories that relate to what you are interested in.

Recently, they acquired Zite, a content discovery engine, and this we suspect, will lead to notable innovations down the road.

inspiration for your digital marketing on flipboard.


SlideShare is one of the largest community for sharing presentations and two things make Slideshare a great source for original content:

  • The quality of the submissions are top-notch with presentations from some of the top voices in digital marketing
  • The content is visual—images, videos, infographics, etc.—meaning a huge opportunity for added engagement.

Did your favorite site make the cut? Are we missing any? Let us know, Share and comment!

inspiration for your digital marketing on slideshare.

Credit to Author Kevan Lee from Buffer.