6 Digital Marketing Trends To Look For in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Each day sees multiple changes in the digital marketing landscape, recently WSI shared some future predictions of marketing For this year.

Such changes can include the emergence of augmented reality (AR), the growth in the amount of content on the internet, the introduction of updated algorithms (affecting the content of your personal feed), or the introduction of new elements like chatbots.

The past year saw an uptick in the video (most notably live videos and food-related videos) and the discussion of privacy issues was highlighted. Upending our perspective of video, Instagram launched IGTV.

Further, Apple is establishing AR technologies for Memojis, allowing users to animate themselves. Other, multiple, brands are taking onboard chatbots in order to assist with needs related to customer service, answer customer queries and survey the customers.

Presently, consumers are overloaded with content daily ranging from Facebook updates, push notifications and video ads, yet what they desire is quality content.

Looking forward to the coming years, below are some digital marketing trends which should be integrated into your marketing strategy, and this will help carve out acknowledgment for your brand in a sea of competitors.

Personalization Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

There’s a deeper level of personalization that users seek, its more than just adding a name to an email. Feeds from social media channels are oversaturated with ads, updates and content from family and friends.

The craving is for an unique experience and consumers want a conversations that meet their needs.

Rather than shooting out one email to all consumers, that lists new coupons, you can increase engagement by creating targeted emails that are based on the consumer’s history of purchase or their history of past coupon usage.

Statista reported that 5.7% higher rates for the open rates of emails that were personalized, as opposed to those that were not personalized.

Voice Search Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

The common method for online search; open your web browser, go to google.com and type your search query are diminishing. There are new ways of searching such as visual and voice and these are increasing.

Did you know, approximately ⅓ of 3.5 billion daily search queries on Google are voice searches?

Smartphones are changing the game and the adaptation of smart technologies like Google Assistant, SIRI, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, more consumers are speaking to devices to get information.

Visual search is being effectively applied by Pinterest, Google & Microsoft. By simply pointing a smartphone camera at a storefront, consumers can easily access store-hours & contact detail information of that particular store.

Whilst in-store, consumers are able to take a picture of produce on display, and by using Pinterest, they are presented with an array of recipes they can make using that product. This eventually leads to an augmentation in basket size.

Klick predicts by the year 2020, 30 percent of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen.

Privacy & Transparency

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Cambridge Analytica & Facebook dominated the news stories of 2018 regarding privacy issues. Executives have since been called to appear before congress.

The scandal, in addition to General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect earlier this year in Europe, brought forth a demand for transparency and more effective privacy controls.

Consumers subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for your rewards card and visit your website want to know what their information will be used for and if it will be stored in a secure place. As an industry, we’re familiar with transparency in other aspects of our businesses.

We all have to be on point – Consumers want to know how there food is grown, where its coming from and how its transported to their store. The same applies on a digital level.

Machine Learning And A.I. Technologies

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

The value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often overlooked.  However, the uniqueness of AI has large business and brands achieving tremendous results, data shows that AI use has increased from 61% for business use in 2017 as compared to 38% in 2016.

Marketers will be able to deliver their services and products based on feedback from the user and at the right time.  For example, Amazon or eBay products specific to the users search queries.

What’s more, Google is developing machine learning products as part of its Powerful image analysis Cloud Vision API and AutoML Vision.

This enables the developers to understand the content of an image (e.g., a landmark destination).

Content is always King

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

In the digital age, content is king and distribution is queen. Traditional advertising is struggling, and consumers are turning to content to drive their purchasing decisions. Now brands are spreading their message through advertorials, influencers, and sponsored content.

When pursuing influencer marketing in order to create and build content, it is not necessary to pursue followers that have the largest following. It is also not necessary to seek celebrity influencers in order to convey your message.

Studies indicate that a mere 3% of consumers consider purchasing celebrity-endorsed products when they are in-store, compared to a staggering 60% of consumers who would purchase products promoted by influencers.

Your Social CEO

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

In a time where transparency is encouraged, ensuring your company leaders are visible helps to boost your firm’s image and encourages trust with your customers.

In this respect, the visible leaders are “social CEO’s” that assist in humanizing your brand, positioning your firm as a company leader and attracting employees.

Brands need to be agile with their digital marketing, ready to think outside of the box, adapt to the changing landscape and be unafraid of experimentation.

Humanizing your brand, turning to influencers to help spread your message and offering a customized experience to consumers can all help elevate your business.

I know I said 5 but here a bonus and here at Identity.Agency we’re noticing the chatbots are getting the norm.

Nearly most websites have some kind of live chat assistants that will take care of your questions or queries. A great example of this is landbot.io.


Its essential that brands need to be in sync with their digital marketing adapt to the changing landscape, don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box.

Bringing your brand down to earth, providing the customer a unique experience can help elevate your business.

Credit to Amber Bloom via The Produce News and you can follow her @Twitter.