Real Estate Marketing: Why Your Business Needs To Be Digital

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

By applying tailored strategies, challenges related to real estate digital marketing can be overcome.

If you find yourself disappointed when presented with the results of a current campaign, or feel inclined to renew your web design, or are merely to dedicatedly market your services in the upcoming season, then the following reasons leave no doubt that you should hire a good digital agency and leave the task in the good hands of experts.

Marketing is, and should be, a vital element of your skill set. Equipping yourself in the marketing landscape in order to adapt to the digital shift should precede other priorities.

Simply making a website, with a touch of SEO, in order to get noticed, is a thing of the past.

As a primary platform for your end consumers, as a go-to location for your investors; the website functions as the core where stakeholders can preview your strengths and expertise.

A well-made website that’s also technologically fine-tuned is half the battle one.

Think on-page SEO, site loading time, speed, backlinks, user experience, and so on. If these terms sound alien to you, hire a good digital agency to revamp your website both in aesthetic and technical aspects.

Along with your website utilizing efficient online marketing tools is also essential and free fee to check out these awesome real estate marketing tools.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

What better way to establish your brand than through highly public social media profiles.

Not only will you be using your social media accounts to interact with your real and digital community, but others will turn to social media to find out more information about their potential real estate agent.

Regardless of the category of real estate you focus on, your likely to have consumers that are active on social medial platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more).

You will likely secure credibility by ensuring you have the social media presence; this allows you to apply content marketing on various platforms and subsequently gain traction.

The following are a few strategies that are worth applying for real estate digital marketing:

  • Education: through the use of blog articles, you’ll provide your clients with a medium for education about the necessary topics
  • Conversation: with the capacity to directly chat with your followers, you’ll be able to gauge more about their thoughts and opinions
  • Promotion: rather than simply promoting yourself, undertake the task to promote your community as well
  • Video Sharing: the likelihood of viewership is increased if social media is used to present the video, live videos have even higher chances of viewership

The marvelous effects of social media accounts are notable when it comes to enhancing your websites’ SEO.

It is worth noting how much of a boost your online presence receives when you have active social media accounts.

What’s Your SEO Looking like?

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an area where you will need to pay special attention. The internet is where your competition lies and the search engine results page (SERP) is your playing field.

The basic philosophy behind SEO is nearly the same as that behind real estate digital marketing in general. The more helpful content relevant to the search the higher your blogs and website will rank on the results page.

It can be likened to a metric of online presence through credible backlinks and quality web pages. It is a blend of your website’s technical performance with the search engine and the trustworthiness of your site.

SEO also hinges on performing keyword research. You need to know what your audience is searching for specifically. Because your audience will be local and more specific, you will have an easier time targeting your intended demographic. You are trying to balance high volume and low competition with relevancy.

SEO is dependent on undertaking keyword research. In order to ensure you have a simpler time targeting the demographic you intend to target, it is necessary to hone in on what your audience is specifically searching for. By implementing relevancy into the mix, you can balance high volume and low competition.

The following are a handful of ways to boost your SEO:

  • Post content with keywords: post articles that are not saturated with overused keywords, ensure it is relevant to the specific keyword search
  • Avoid dead-end links: dedicatedly ensure that your site has no unreachable pages or dead-end links
  • Associate social media with your website: ensure that the information pertaining to contact remains consistent on both social media and the website, and further cement the association between your social media account and website by cross-pollinating content
  • Be mobile friendly: ensure your website is mobile friendly, as indications are that a significant amount of traffic tends to come from mobile devices, this is why Google is driving towards a mobile-first algorithm
  • Ensure responsive page loading times: encountering unresponsive and lengthy page loading times can incite any visitor to leave in frustration, and subsequently results in bounce rates that are considerably high

The Leads Ain’t Coming Through

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Chances are, you question the propensity of your online marketing efforts as it may feel that often times they are generating significantly less leads than you initially expected.

In order to generate online leads, one has to secure comprehensive knowledge of internet marketing tools (these include SEO, Google AdWords and backlinking) in conjunction with knowledge of the industry niche that is being targeted in the campaign.

To allow yourself time to focus on finalizing and closing deals, you can leave these specialized tasks to experts in the digital world.

Where To Purchase Real Estate Leads

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

All the Leads – All the Leads connects agents with “highly motivated sellers & buyers in transition.

Leads provided to agents include probate leads, and other categories including divorce, foreclosure, marriage, relocation, childbirth, empty-nesting, and other leads that help agents contact persons at the right time.

Agent Locator – Agent Locator uses pay-per-click campaigns to generate leads for real estate agents.

According to the company, the cost is on average about $13 per lead, but they can go as low as $8 or as high as $25 per lead.

With online marketing, it is necessary to establish that results and service are likely to be poor the less you spend on your digital agency.

However, by reaching out to an agency that has a wealth of expertise and is able to offer one singular package rate for multiple services relevant to your business, you can still secure good digital marketing expertise on a tight budget.

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is Being Run By Rookies

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Experts at Identity.Agency, a leading digital services agency that caters to various industries including to real estate investors.

It can difficult to find actual digital agency that can cater to the real estate sector and being marketing experts, we understand the nuances of the real estate business.


When it comes to digital marketing, remember you get what you pay for. So if you’re tight on funds find a digital agency that has the right expertise and is willing to offer a variety of packages of different services suited to your business objectives and everyone is happy – – A win-win situation.

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