Millennials: Including Them In Your Digital Marketing Plan

Millennials are all digital.

Millennials are the generation born between 1980 – 2000, according to multiple researchers.

Today Millennials represent approximately 35 percent of the total population in Mexico. In 25 percent USA, 22 percent in Canada, 30 percent in Chile and the rest of Latin America.

Since this group doesn’t know a world with the Internet, hence Millennials are considered Digital Natives.

Ever watched Peter Pan? Secret I actually maybe you’re familiar with Hook? Well, Millennials are also labeled the Peter Pan generation. In fact, most of them plan to start a family past the age of 30.

Young consumers are optimistic, they truly are informed in regards to the subjects of these interest, they accept variety, they truly are tolerant, and less focused on their jobs although they might or might not follow present occasions.

Times have changed and the younger generation is very optimistic, well informed of their topic interest. They may not always follow the current events, but they are tolerant, committed to their careers and accept diversity.

In reality, frequently it may be hard to inspire and retain them. For them, spare time is essential. Consequently, it’s quite common to allow them to search for versatile work choices or renounce jobs being stable brand new experiences such as for instance travel and learning.

It’s important to know that it may be a challenge to retain and motivate Millennials. Flexibility and free time it’s essential to them along with being fond of major key influencers, which have major roles in their lives.

Millennials: How to Communicate with them?

You have to cater to the Millennials and this means being where they are. Google’s Consumer Barometer study gives us some guidelines in how to connect with them.

The result showed that young people basically live online (figuratively speaking):

  • 90% Are connected online every day.
  • 55% Usage for online internet search on services and products.
  • 20% of Young people considered YouTube more interesting than Television
  • 1 / 10 stayed up-to-date about new products/services through advertising.
  • 50% of Millennials use social networks to interact with their friends on a daily basis.
  • 75% stay connected via their computers and smartphone devices.

Millennials: How Do They Purchase?

Millennials are smart and purchase intelligently because they know what they want.  They’re use multiple devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc as they start to seek different information.

Their initial search is normally not brand focused and generic, which results into local and international companies.

They look for authenticity in the information, when they validate the different options.  Family, friends, social networks and key influencers opinions that they follow hold weight amd are important rather than the information from ads.

Millennials are strong consumers of videos and other visual content and are not regular readers of magazines and newspapers, In fact when have you last saw someone reading a newspaper?

Will Your Digital Marketing Plan Attract The Millennials?

It’s essential to be online and have a mobile friendly web presence, not to mention building a your website from mobile first design.

Below are some tips to follow that you may find useful:

The center of any digital strategy should be your website where you communicate your unique value proposition.

The centerstone of your digital strategy is your website and your UPS.

You have to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and show you’re different from your competitors

Your website should be very responsive and developed correctly to communicate your message and connect with your target audience in an adequate way.

Get Active in Social Media Networks

Social networking sites will be the new word of mouth in today’s world. Millennials love to produce and keep maintaining relationships socially, especially those who work in which their viewpoint is undoubted.

For this reason, your brand must be present on social networks. Generate situations of discussion and deliver content that is well-liked by your target audience.

Highlight content that invites them to connect and share, asks for opinions, and, in particular, wants testimonials, and conduct surveys.

You’ll be amazed to see or watch that Millennials like to participate and acquire considered. Try not to stop responding to concerns they ask.

In this way, you will create solid relationships and your followers.

Exactly what social support systems if you choose? It’s going to be based on the product or solution which you offer.

Create & Produce Video Content

In general, Millennials would prefer to see as opposed to reading. Relative to data from the agency, Pix capability, the natives with this generation record more than 1,500 million daily visits to movie platforms.

40% of Millennials view videos of topics these are typically passionate about, 68% observe that they generally view videos with info on services and products before buying them.

Many individuals in this generation are widely used to presenting to look for information themselves since they invested my youth with both moms and dads working.

Therefore, they greatly appreciate tutorial videos, especially the “do-it-yourself” people. Real-time videos such as Facebook’s streaming are gaining more supporters with every moving day.

Recently, Facebook stated that these videos produce a greater dedication, with more or less 10 times more opinions as a result of connection in real-time between users.

Implement special discounts, Prizes and loyalty programs

Recognize that Millennials like to feel of a community and get individualized attention.

They become devoted clients if they perceive value in what they received and qualify being a confident shopping experience.

This value will not only result from this product or service they’ve bought, it could additionally be the worthiness of other facets like content or free information, or incentives for his or her commitment.

They love the coupons or any personalized promotions that one can let them have. Organizations like Groupon and plenty of other commitment programs have experienced tremendous success.


This generation is becoming increasingly strongly related to all companies.  Not just is the involvement within organizations growing, but above all their power to influence and decide on purchases and luxuriate in an increasing purchasing energy is growing in a synchronous means.

Their approach to looking info is online, for them, their smartphone is definitely an extension of the selves, and Bing is their friend.

They actively use social networks and choose movie content. They would like to be informed, they participate actively and indulge in conversations, and they also love discounts and loyalty programs.

For them the viewpoint among these friends and influencers is valuable. They can think more in reviews compared to advertising.

There is no doubt that Millennials are changing the way in which both B2B and B2C organizations are looking at their marketing plans.

If you would like to succeed you should look at this group and their demands since their purchasing and decision-making energy continue steadily to grow.

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Credit to Jacueline Olcese from the WSI Network and you can connect with her via LinkedIn