Future Predictions of Marketing For 2019

Happy new year fellow readers! Its January and we wanted to recap on some of the WSI Network marketing predictions for the past several years so we can be ready for this year 2019.

Inspired by annual predictions on Moz by Rand Fishkin’s, WSI made several predictions dating back for the year 20152018.

So let’s look at last year’s predictions along the future predictions for 2019. For 2018, WSI made these predictions:

Marketing Will Take Shape With The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

We won’t discount the fact that this was an easy prediction to make, but it’s worth mentioning.

Artificial Intelligence is another popular digital marketing trend that we mentioned in this post before is on the fast-track to altering the way marketers do their jobs, and ultimately how products and services are marketed.

Copious amounts of detailed data are available via deep learning, this data is then funneled into automated systems and platforms.

Though there still is a pressing and prevalent need for human marketers, it’s imperative to acknowledge that AI is today’s reality, not just a thing of the future.

Influencer Marketing Is Growing

Influencer marketing not only maintained its foothold – it continued to grow. See for yourself:

Influencer Marketing - Marketing Predications 2019

The Creation Of Augmented Reality (AR) Content

Augmented Reality - Marketing Predications 2019

It’s not mainstream, so we aren’t going to take full marks, but AR content definitely became a thing in 2018.

Apple has ARKit, Facebook has AR Studio, and big brands Ikea, Pepsi and Sephora have done massive AR content campaigns. AR content is only going to grow from here.

Chatbots And Smart Digital Assistants Become Mainstream

Chatbots - Marketing Predications 2019

A lot of companies uses chatbots and feel free to dive into how it can change your business.

Also, traditional marketing isn’t lacking and you may be surprised to know that chatbots continue to rely on traditional marketing.

Bonus readHow To Leverage Machine Learning For Digital Marketing Success.

More Brands Invest in Perfecting Their Customer Experience

Customer Experience - Marketing Predications 2019

We do this once a year. We feel strongly about something, make a prediction on it, and then it’s nearly impossible to properly grade.

In our mind, businesses should absolutely be investing more money into improving, and then perfecting, their customer experience journey.

But whether it’s actually happening is much harder to say. We’ll call it even.

Ok, lets jump right into it with the future marketing predictions for 2019.

Google Searches Resulting in “Zero Clicks” Will Increase

google searches - marketing predications 2019

Before we mentioned Rand Fishkin has been warning us about zero click searches for a while now, and we’re listening.

The game is once again changing, and to ignore the significance of searchers clicking SERP results less often is to get totally left behind.

SEO (On-SERP) = Tactic and Term

SEO - Future Marketing Predications 2019

In our marketing world, our prediction for 2019’s newest buzzword will be “On SERP SEO”.

Much to our surprise, there has been only marginal conversation on how much SERPs are changing and the speed with which actual clicks are declining.

We expect the trend will continue on track as per our prediction, and with it, the biggest results will be reaped by companies that do incredible on-SERP SEO.

Game-Changing Influencer Marketing Tools

influencer marketing tools - Future Marketing Predications 2019

The big one we’re waiting for is SparkToro, a company that states its goal as the following:

Our mission is to make it easier to discover the websites, blogs, podcasts, social accounts, and publications that reach your audience.

Sounds not only a sorely needed, but absolutely fantastic tool. We can’t wait to use it!

The Importance of Optimizing Content for Voice Search

google voice search - future marketing predications 2019

We touched on voice search in our recent post-digital marketing trends to look out for this year in 2019, so we’re going to double down here.

The application of voice search is growing in prevalence. This hike in prevalence is a direct result of the rise in digital assistants and smart speakers but is also what is responsible for fewer clicks on SERPs.

It is therefore worth noting that 2019 will see strong performance in content that is optimized for voice search, as opposed to content that is not.

Video Content Grows in Popularity

video content - Future Marketing Predications 2019

A tried and testing method to sparking marketing campaigns for video marketing. Marketers with the right insight will be aware that Google owns YouTube, therefore it makes sense that they will still feature videos on SERPs.

Videos are likely to rise in popularity regardless, but it is a comforting thought to know the video is not going to suffer a loss despite the chances that Google is attempting to decrease clicks on SERPs.

We are already starting to see videos undergoing boosts from voice search. This is taking place on smartphones and tablets. But we predict a more marked impact in marketing, with the introduction of smart speakers with displays.

That’s it for WSI’s predictions for the future of marketing in 2019 and beyond! Has a proud partner Identity.Agency will also be looking forward to these predictions and consulting our current and future customers.

Until next year – cheers and happy holidays!

Credit to Cheryl Baldwin from WSI and you can follow her @Twitter