Brand Development Explained in Under 750 Words

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

We spoke about some awesome tips for brand development before, but for the post, we’ll focus on the brand development process.

As a marketer, you know that brand development is maintaining consistency in value, quality, & trust so that the consumer has trust in your company.

Below the MBASkool explains the brand development with each stage and phrases.

Brand Development 4 Stages

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

Brand strategy – How to take your brand into the market? Making brand communications more effective.

Brand Identity – It communicates the company’s vision and mission via Brand. From beginning to end, making brand more memorable.

Graphic Design – Differentiates from the competitor and shape consumers’ perception positively.

Brand Management – Just like a stock portfolio, managing the investment done by the company in the brand.

In order to set your company apart from the competition, it is worth engaging in an introspective brand development process that helps define, create, and optimize a captivating brand.

Your brand not only consists of taglines and logos, but also consists of the manner in which you communicate your brand, the opinions of your partners and reps, and the emotive response you elicit from your customers.

Cumulatively, both the tangible and intangible aspects form a whole.

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Below are 4 steps that will guide you in the right direction through the brand development process.

Research Your Target Market And Decide What’s Being Branded

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

It is vital to undertake research and pinpoint what you would like to brand, prior to addressing the brand development process. The choice is between the branding of a person, the branding of a company, and the branding of a service or a product.

Once the selection has been made, it is critical to dedicate enough time on undertaking research of the target market.

Following that, the next step is to learn comprehensively about the individual, service or product that you have decided to brand.

Brand Development Execution And Positioning

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

After researching your target market, it is then essential to take time to develop a brand definition that clearly explains what is being offered, and how the product or service you have to offer is different from what is already out there.

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The brand definition should notify your intended target market of the ways they will benefit from using the product or service. It should also highlight what you can assuredly offer to those who decide to use that product or service.

The following action to undertake is to secure a place in the market for the product and service you offer. One of the ways to do so is by providing solutions to problems that had not been solved or providing resources for needs that had not been met.

Choose Your Company Name, Tagline and Logo

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

These three aspects are all extremely important in the brand development process as they help to ensure that your business or service offering stands out clearly among others who may have the same offerings.

One of the ways in which to ensure customers remember your name but also what you offer them is by creating a compelling tagline that works in conjunction with your logo.

As soon as this is complete, you are set to launch your brand and declare the means in which you can aid your target market in manners no one else is equipped to do.

Manage And Protect Company Brand

Artificial Intelligence - Future Marketing Predications 2019

Managing your brand will come seamlessly once you consistently offer your customer service and products. Customer awareness of your high-quality goods in the market, allows you to effectively finesse the entire brand development process.

It is vital to actively deal with any negative publicity in a manner that is professional, as this will allow you to sustain your brand reputation.

Before closing, I have to throw content marketing into the mix because its the heart of customer acquisition. This will help with your brand development and gets your brand in front of the targeted audience you need to notice you.

It can include things like email marketing, SEO, and video marketing, but they must all work together like a finely tuned machine.


By undertaking these aforementioned steps, it is entirely feasible to develop a strong and resounding brand.

As soon as this has been achieved, it might become imperative to alter and adjust your approach to branding in certain instances in order to allow your company identity to remain relevant and updated.

Credit to 36creative and MBASkool and you follow them @36creative and @mbaskool