YouTube Keyword Tools & SEO Tips For 2019

youtube keyword search tool

Happy Lunar New year!

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Today a lot of online marketers focus on Facebook, blogging SEO and Google Adwords to drive traffic to their site.

However, we easily forget that Youtube is the second biggest search engine.  With the correct approach, you can highly benefit from higher search engine and video marketing rankings hence win more awareness at the top of the funnel.

Let Go Over some Video Marketing Facts

Video is easily digestible and is rising as the top platform of choice for marketers, take the below facts as examples:

YouTube SEO: Keyword Research

YouTube SEO is a well ordered procedure of streamlining your videos. The first most critical step is Keyword research. You have to gather the correct keywords for your video optimization process.

Simply make a list according to your niche and finalize your target keywords. Since without the correct keywords, YouTube SEO is incomplete.

In fact, many keywords have good search volume in google while low in YouTube and in some cases are vice versa.  The major question is, “How to find perfect keywords?”

Below are some simple methods to find perfect Keywords for your campaign.

YouTube Suggestions

The simplest way to find keywords is YouTube Suggestions. You just need to do is open YouTube and enter your main keyword in YouTube Search bar.

Even before you complete typing your query in the search bar, YouTube will display many search suggestions related to your query.

For example, let’s say you wanna make a video related to digital marketing:

youtube keyword search tool

YouTube Suggestion keywords are the best as they have very high CTR.

Even I don’t type complete query when I search on YouTube or Google. I’ll probably click on one of the suggestions and I even have a best part in this section.

I’m going to show you a golden tip to use YouTube Suggest in advanced way.

You just need to put an (*) before or after your keyword and it will show you some other seed keywords that people search before/after your keyword.

You can see in this screenshot:

(*) Before

youtube keyword search tool

(*) After

youtube keyword search tool

Please so try these methods with different keywords related to your topic and add all suggestions to your list of keywords.

Find Video Keywords

The ideal goal would be to rank your video in both Youtube and Google SERP.

With this, you could possible get up to 6x times more views on your video.

This is exactly where “Video Keywords” come into the play. You only need to find these golden terms and insert to your YouTube Video.

When we search some keywords in Google we usually get websites in search engine results page.

But for some keywords, when we search them in Google we get videos along with websites in SERP.

These are Video Keywords. More number of video results means more video friendly keyword.

Just for example:

youtube keyword search tool

Here is how you can find them.  Simply use below mentioned words with your topic.

  • Keywords starting with “How To”?
  • Keywords with the word “Video”?
  • Watch
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Songs/Movies

For example:

youtube keyword search tool

Of course, experiment with the words seed keywords mentioned above along with your niche video keywords.

To obtain more ideas, use Google Ads tool to generate more ideas along with one of my favourite Ubersuggest, don’t forget to make a list of your video keywords under other topics.

YouTube Keyword Suggest Tool

Okay! There are some awesome keyword suggestion tools such as:

When you’re using these tools just remember to select “YouTube” before entering any keywords.

Use the suggestions ideas to generate a list and breakdown for your choosing when needed.

On to the next method…

Google Trends

Google Trends is simple and contains tons of information to set-up our efficient predictions about user intention.

However you can get keyword suggestions/ideas related to your topic through Google Trends and this is how…

Just go to Google Trend and Search your topic and set filters as shown below.

youtube keyword search tool

After this you’ll get all data of keyword only in YouTube.  Scroll down until you see “Related queries” box.

youtube keyword search tool

You’ll find all other keywords which people also search related to your topic and you can use them in your videos to get more views.

These were the methods to build a massive list of keywords for YouTube and some video keywords.

Find User Intention of the keyword

I hope you all know that User intention of a keyword is the real game.

So I would say, go as deep as you can to predict user’s intention before starting any type of internet marketing or SEO work.

Most marketers know that finding user’s intention of a keyword is more important than looking for its search volume.

Just explore any keyword/term and change the search type to “YouTube Search” from “Web Search” (screenshot below for clear understanding):

youtube keyword search tool

It shows either people searching on YouTube have any interest in your target keyword or not. Simply stating if it’s a video keyword or just another written content friendly term.

youtube keyword search tool
youtube keyword search tool

As you can see interest breakup of audience from different locations.  For example, “email marketing” will attract more visitors from the United States compared to any other region.

And what about if you want to know more about your target audience. Same like above two processes, now its time to change category to figure out what type of audience is more interested in your target keyword. I am selecting “Online Communities” for my example keyword.

youtube keyword search tool

So now you can try checking and comparing results with different options. Also remember to check the keyword ranking difficulty in YouTube Keyword Research

youtube keyword search tool

Caution: If your channel is new or don’t have much authority, it’s recommended to target only low competition keywords.

Now the question is how to check which keyword has low competition?

Here is how: Just search for your keyword or topic in YouTube.

For Example:

youtube keyword search tool

Now just check the number of results, It is the amount of videos which are present on YouTube related to your keyword.

More Number Of Results = Higher Keyword Competition

So, before selecting a keyword just check the number of results in YouTube and try to choose a low competitive keyword.

The exact number of results, to indicate keyword competition percentage, is not established as the quantity of results varies for different niches with keyword group.

It is necessary to review the relevant number of results pertaining to your niche. It is not viable to compare the quantity of results for two keywords coming from different niches.

As an example: “cheap televisions in USA” might have fewer results than “cheap computers in USA”, but the fewer results is not necessarily indicative of low competition.

Another element worth taking note of is that YouTube reveals a differing number of results, pertaining to the same keyword, but changes based on your location.

For example, if none of your google accounts are logged in in USA, you are unlikely to get competition overviews in USA, and you might only be able to access fewer results based on your location. This is valuable when it comes to local YouTube SEO.

Credit to Singlegrain and Ali Haider from Blogrex and you can follow him @Twitter