Be Successful With Email Marketing In 2019

Successful email marketing 2019

Time to level up your email marketing strategy this year. Large groups of people see large fluxes of similar emails daily, from business and brands that are also similar. It is essential to take measures to stand above the monotonous similarity.

Considered a powerful tool for nurturing leads, encouraging engagement, building relations and spurring lead conversions – email marketing delivers achievable results when crafted with a strong strategy. A weak strategy will not propel your efforts forward in a canvas of repetitive unread emails.

Below is how you can deliver well-thought-out email marketing strategies in 2019:

Understand The Interests Of Your Target Audience

With how well you know your target audience, a compelling email marketing strategy begins. Make sure you’ve done your research to deliver compelling email marketing this year. It’s time to start collecting the data and creating customer profiles before you build and implement your email marketing strategy if you’re not already doing this.

Recognize that you are the expert and have the most detailed knowledge about your audience regarding their consumer behaviour and the things that propel them to purchase your products and services. After establishing this, you have the capacity to think of varying appeal tactics that will allow you to engage your consumer through the use of email communication.

Get To Know The Best Practices Of Copywriting

It’s a must to clearly understand the best practices of copywriting to ensure to execute excellent email marketing.  In regards to sending compelling emails that assist with your lead nurturing, we have several guidelines and tips below for building an email content:

Email Subject Lines

A compelling subject line is a necessary element of your email. It functions as a gatekeeper, and by not being impactful enough, you run the risk of your audience discarding your email before they even open it. In order to gauge which subject lines work optimally for your campaign, have a look into A/B Testing.

A/B Testing provides you with the ability to test various subject lines and identify those with the highest open rates. Experimenting secures your marketing efforts and puts them to good use.

Additionally, apply personalization where possible when creating an effective subject line. More personalized emails are likely to perform stronger than those that are impersonal. This, combined with segmented emails, provides higher open and click-through rates.


To engage and appeal to your audience, make sure you sprinkle various visuals inside your emails.   Including visuals such as GIF’s, images, memes, videos, and infographics can help attract and appeal more to your audience.

In your email marketing campaigns, using visuals can help with engagement.  Since the breaking up the text with the visuals will be more readable to your audience.  Use the right visuals pieces to represent your business brand, because it will play a vital role in delivering compelling emails.

Call To Action

Always ensure the application of actionable language that is concise and clear when writing content for the body of your emails. The goal is to lead your customers to the next likely step in their journey and to act on something following the reading of your email.

To do so, you will need to align your subject line with your email copy. The focus is to convey to the reader what is in it for them, ensure to make references to how they will benefit from your product and service and how you are offering them the benefit. Adding a little personality on top of that helps to reflect your brand.

Email List Segmentation

Segmenting your email list is very important because of course, not everyone in your audience has the same interests. YOU MUST NOT send duplicates emails to everyone on your mailing list…This is no longer effective, especially in terms of driving lead conversion.

So you may ask, Why?

Remember different users will be at different stages of your sales and marketing funnel.  Some of your users may be at the beginning stage and the other could be in the final stage of your service or product.  Through email marketing, it’s important to deliver and understand the experience of your future prospects.

Conclusively, segmenting your email list will result in more impactful email marketing. By reviewing various appeal tactics you will be able to target your segmented audiences relating to where they are currently in their consumer journey. You will more likely engage with consumers who have recently entered the sales funnel by tailoring your message based entirely on awareness.

Alternatively, for those that are approaching their purchasing decision shortly, you are more likely to tailor emails based entirely on actions and being action-oriented. Tailoring and curating email copy is necessary in order to make it more relatable and relevant to your specific audiences.

Mobile Optimization For Emails

According to The Statistics Portal, last year in 2018, over 52% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile devices. Another way to deliver compelling email marketing in 2019 is to optimize your emails for mobile viewing. By now, it’s clear that responsive web design is an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy. According to Litmus:

To ensure mobile-friendly email marketing, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Easy to read font size
  • Avoid large chunks of text
  • Short subject lines
  • Input visuals into content to break up portions of text
  • CTA – Place them in the middle of the screen

Marketing Automation

By considering the application of marketing automation into an email marketing strategy, you are using marketing automation to create a consistent flow of leads for your business. In addition to that, it will ensure a lighter load in order to dedicate your focus to other aspects of your strategy.

Marketing automation spurs prospects to convert to local customers. Marketing automation can enable you to provide your mailing list with relevant information, rather than an onslaught of endless sales messages. This allows your mailing list to absorb relevant information about your product or service.

One aspect of marketing automation is the use of email drip campaigns.  Drip campaigns sends, or “drips,” trigger-based sets of messages to customers or prospects over time. which means that drip campaigns will help deliver the right messages at the right time.

Depending on certain customer behaviours or actions, marketing automation enables consistent email communication to carry prospects through the customer journey, which leads to a much higher percentage of lead conversion rates. For a great example, look at James Scherer blog about creating drip campaigns for lead nurturing.

Landing Pages

Campaign-specific landing pages allow you to ensure the information provided in your email marketing is easily simplified, cementing your ability to provide compact and captivating snippets of your offerings. Through the insertion of further information on a landing page, you have further reason to incorporate CTAs on messages and push prospects through the sales funnel.

Your conversion rates can be augmented by the use of a landing page, and additionally, your click-throughs and engagement can be augmented as a result of your digital marketing.


We hope these guidelines are helpful and get you off to a good start, especially if its one of your marketing goals to send more appealing email marketing, not to mention follow marketing trends this year.

Keep in mind that there’s plenty of quality resources and tools such as MailChimp, HubSpot & Drip that can help you achieve your email marketing goals.

In closing, make sure you are ahead of the email marketing game in 2019 so that you can plan and arrange ahead of time.

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