Video Marketing: 7 Types Of Videos To Build Your Brand

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A great way to drive traffic and to build your brand is to use Video Marketing.  Heard of the “post-text-future“? The New York Times mentions that we’re currently in this phrase.

Using written to connect with your audience is rapidly going out of style.

As a digital marketer, this means updating and eventually reinventing your digital strategy.  We have a good strategy to build your video marketing here, otherwise carry on and below are the 7 types of videos to build your brand and business:

1. Video Marketing: 7 Types Of videos To Build Your Brand

The sorts of questions that generally arise when considering filling out an online form span from “how many emails will I get?”, “will I get multiple calls?” to “what is the likelihood of my details being shared with other people?”

An effective method to reduce the tension and the unanswered questions, is to place a video alongist your landing page form. This video will function as a good way to explain what happens after the information has been submitted. And this subsequently increases conversion rates.

Being transparent about the form process is likely to hike conversions up to 80%. Titling the video will also ease the visitor as they will know what the video is about before they hit play.

2. Video: Cost/Price

This type of video provides your customers with upfront pricing details on your products or services. They help to answer any questions they may have as it relates to costs and are especially helpful if your service offering has a more complex pricing structure.

One of the critical comparisons consumers look at when evaluating which brand they want to purchase from is price. Having a cost/price video on your website is a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors who may not be as forthcoming with this information.

3. 80% Video

As the title of this section reflects, we believe that of all the questions from customers you find yourself answering 80% repeatedly. The 80% video is an accumulation of 7-8 questions that you consistently get asked.

Having a video that actively answers these common questions about the service or production that is being purchased, will be gratefully welcomed by customers. To indicate that customers will have a strong team to support their queries, you can also use different employees to answer different questions.

4. Video: The Customer’s Journey

When it comes to creating videos about our client success stories, we tend to concentrate on capturing testimonials of our clients talking about how happy they are after purchasing our product or service. Seldom do we take the time to tell the full story of the entire customer journey, from start to finish.

You may think your customers don’t want to tell their story, but you’d be surprised at how many are willing to share their experience if you ask them. At WSI they call these customer journey videos our Making Difference stories, and you can see an example of one below.

Successful email marketing 2019

5. Bio Video

A Bio Video is a dynamic way in which you can help customers put a name to the face of your team. Your team may consist of special people, and it’s certainly worth showcasing this to your customer.

Allow your team to tell their story and indicate how they intend to support your customer base. Ensure each video is under 90 seconds long, and try and apply it to your teams email signatures.

6. The Claims We Make Video

Take a moment to put to paper all the claims you make as a company, by getting your teams help. Claims generally encompass statements like “we’re the best at X” or “we’re the strongest in Y”.

Quite often, over 80% of your claims are likely to be reminiscent of your competitors, so highlight those ones. Following that, identify which ones are visually proven, not simply stated.

Finally, start to create your video that clearly elucidates which of your claims are specifically unique to your company, and that you are able to assuredly visually confirm on screen. This makes a remarkable brand statement.

7. The Services/Product Page Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video must be worth a thousand pictures. This storytelling capability is why more and more marketers are enhancing the customer experience on their website with product videos.

These type of videos help shine a light on the products you’re selling, dynamically showcase their features and benefits, and even demonstrate your service in action.

Product videos can in fact increase as much as 144 percent.  Digital Marketing wizard Neil Patel mentioned is his blog on Product Video Increase Conversion Rate.


It’s critical you don’t try and do it all in one go when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Though you may be tempted to apply all seven of these aforementioned videos, it’s imperative that you start by honing in on one or two that you feel you can apply promptly.

Choose the videos that have a marked impact on your business, bottom line and brand immediately.

Credit to Cheryl Baldwin from the WSI Network and you can follow her twitter @cheryl_wsi