Voice Search Will Impact Digital Marketing (Here Is Why)

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Voice search has emerged in recent years and is largely dominating the search landscape now that this convenience allows users to speak into devices instead of taking on the task to type in keywords

According to Forbes, 30% of all website sessions will be conducted without a screen by 2020. Speech recognition in our devices has also become extremely complex and precise.

Although voice search has been around for some time and is not a completely brand new concept, we’ve experienced a technological breakthrough in recent years with the introduction of voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

This has resulted in a large number of devices now being modified and optimized when it comes to voice search.

This could mean that businesses and brands are in dire need to optimize their interfaces, platforms and websites in order to stay on track of the constantly evolving landscape of voice search as by 2020 it is indicated that half of all online searches will likely be made by voice.

Here is how voice search will change the digital marketing landscape and what you can do to prepare for it.

Voice Search: The Growth Of Mobile-Friendly Environments

Successful email marketing 2019

Hands-free technology for mobile devices has allowed users that are constantly on the move, to use voice search. In a fast-paced world, this increases the chances of users continue the use of voice search.

It is imperative to adopt a mobile-first mindset, as it has also been indicated that 70% of consumers are far more likely to purchase from a business that has a business that is mobile-friendly, therefore businesses will need to guarantee that websites, content and interfaces are certainly optimized for mobile.

Key considerations to become more mobile-friendly:

  • Improve your webpages’ loading times
  • Incorporate vertical content and use larger text
  • Redesign pop-ups for mobile devices
  • Resize buttons and CTAs (Call to Actions) for mobile
  • Make information easier for people to find

It’s time to think with a mobile-first mindset if you want to set yourself up for success in this changing landscape. Work with your teams to develop mobile-friendly interfaces to stay ahead of the game.

Featured Snippets Will Be Prioritize By Voice Search

Successful email marketing 2019

Generally, a featured snippet of your search query will be read out when you conduct voice search by asking voice assistant a question. These sippets are what often appear featured at the very top of Google’s results on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

That is why it is worth considering ways in which you can dedicatedly optimize content in order to attain a spot on the featured snippet on the SERPs, this can be done if you commit to focusing on On-SERP SEO.

Tips to organize your content for SERPs:

  • Create content to answer specific questions
  • Organize your content in a question and answer format
  • Make sure to create high-quality content

Looking to the future, featured snippets will be more valued and there will only be more competition to win a spot at the top of search engines.

Voice Search: Larger Emphasis Will Be PLaces On Local SEO

Often, those using voice search do so to search local things in their nearby areas such as top restaurants in the area or nearby supermarkets, these queries seeking location-related content account for 22% of voice search queries.

Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this golden opportunity when it comes to local businesses, retailers and boutiques building a local SEO strategy.

A strong strategy will augment traffic to the website and ultimately boost sales. By overlooking this, you run the risk of missing an opportunity.

Tips to improve your local SEO:

  • Create, update, and optimize your Google My Business Account
  • Gather positive reviews from customers
  • Incorporate local keywords in your content
  • Use location pages or create a location specific “About Us” page

Semantics of Search Will Change

Oftentimes, a more conversational tone is employed when using voice search. Whilst a written format will read “Miami Weather”, a spoken format would be along the lines of “What is the weather in Miami?”, the latter being more used when undertaking voice search.

Indicating that users are more likely to frame queries in the form of a question. Understanding that these searches are largely more conversational, it will prioritize semantics when it comes to these search queries.

Ultimately, marketers will find it necessary to re-assess the keywords applied in context and the overall marketing strategy employed in this new digital marketing landscape.

Instead of using short keywords in your SEO strategy, make use of long-tail keywords and direct answers to users’ most common questions. It’s time to start paying attention to how your consumers talk.

Brands and businesses will need to take into account the tone, word choice, and phrasing used in voice search in this voice search revolution. Reevaluating your content’s keywords to adapt to voice search will help your website rank higher on search engines or earn featured snippets.


Bear in mind the crucial elements in today’s ever-changing search landscape. When it comes to voice search, optimizing your content is most certainly a content marketing idea to employ in 2019.

You can build your brand in the long-term by locating voice search optimization services and solutions in order to create an effective voice search strategy.

Credit to Cheryl Baldwin from the WSI Network and you can follow her twitter @cheryl_wsi