Customer Experience: Using Data-Driven Creativity

Customer Experience is the ultimate marketing tool.  An increasing amount of people are discussing how critical data is and its positive impact on augmenting the customer experience.

Presently, an increasingly important role is played by data analytics as a driving force behind a business’ decision-making involved in each step of the buyers’ journey.

According to Forbes, 70% of enterprises have increased their spending on real-time customer analytics solutions over the past year. But what’s all the hype about?

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Marketing activities and operations mold the customer experience and being the foundation for Analytics.

Thosuands of companiess now rely on analytics and data  because it provides key information to make purposeful marketing decisions.

Quick stats:

  • 58% of enterprises are seeing a significant increase in customer retention and loyalty as a result of using customer analytics.
  • 60% use real-time customer analytics to improve customer experience across touch points and devices is extremely important today.
  • 44% of enterprises are gaining new customers and increasing revenue as a result of adopting and integrating customer analytics into their operations.

Mapping Out the Customer Journey

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In today’s digital landscape, it is critical to discern how best to deliver the experience future customers may desire. Primarily, carve out some time to map the customer journey.

Discern what the potential customers are looking for, discern their demographic, ascertain what customer habits they possess, and so on.

Along each step of the way, learn what information and data is required to be collected in order to make specific marketing decisions that are curated for each stage and tailored to fit each stage.

It will be necessary to pinpoint and gather the right data for each touchpoint. By doing so, you will be able to identify specific behavioural patterns and locate focal points for your marketing efforts.

Creating an Engaging Customer Experience

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Secondly, start thinking about how you want to go about creating an engaging customer experience as a part of your marketing strategy. This is the step where some businesses will gain a competitive advantage over others.

Is your customer journey personalized, fast, easy and useful? What data do you need to help enhance the process?

Keep in mind the right data can make all the difference. These are all factors to take into consideration when striving for data-driven creativity to create an engaging customer experience.

Building a Collaborative Culture

In order to drive data-driven creativity and augment the customer experience, it is time to start working collaboratively, which involves building a collaborative culture, and avoid building a competitive culture.

Encourage cooperation to achieve key objectives, by harnessing a culture where personnel are all accountable for one another. Both tech and marketing teams should collaborate in order to drive growth in all areas of the business.

Having said that, there are numerous ways marketing teams can apply data-driven creativity in order to augment the customer experience.

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Get Up Close and Personal

Customer analytics are playing a key role presently, and a lot of emphasis is being placed by marketers on data-driven creativity, with personalization spearheading success.

Marketers are accentuating personalization at scale, if they are successfully integrating data into their strategy. Consequently, enterprises are working tirelessly to finesse each aspect of the marketing mix for their target audience, in real-time.

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Netflix is a prime example of a business that uses data-driven creativity to enhance their customer experience. Netflix gathers users’ profile data and activity to personalize their experiences on the website and app.

Based on certain user activity, Netflix is able to use the data to curate personalized lists based on your viewing history. For example, the recommendations under the “Because you watched…” section are compiled based on the data Netflix collects from consumers’ behaviours.

Netflix uses AI to build out an algorithm that creates a unique viewing experience. With the help of machine learning, see how you can take your creativity to new heights and increase customer loyalty and retention.

Provide Data Analytics Training for Your Teams

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With a surge in data analytics presence, it’s necessary to provide the right tools to your team to stay ahead of the crowd. An increasing number of marketers are honing in on their digital skills.

By transforming data into key insights, you will be able to take your business’ marketing efforts further.

This will give you an upper hand when it comes to enhancing the customer experience. Providing digital training for your teams will help them be agile in identifying key areas of improvement.

The continual rise of emerging trends and technologies will only require strong data-driven creativity skills to keep up in such a fast paced landscape and environment.


It’s the time and place to propel your data-driven creativity forward. Commence working cross-functionally to reinforce a data-driven outlook when it comes to creativity for your marketing strategy.

Marketers and creatives should consider it necessary to work in conjunction with data analysts to ensure informed marketing and content decisions are applied.

Subsequently, this will prompt effective decision-making along each stage of the buyer’s journey. It will also equip teams with the skills required to navigate the landscape that is rapidly growing.

Credit to Valerie Brown-Dufour from the WSI Network and you can follow WSI her twitter @wsiworld