Omni Channel – give your customers the best experience

Omni Channel is about giving people a holistic experience across all the company’s channels and touchpoints. The company’s message, goal and design must be the same across all channels and devices to give the same experience in infrastructure and service at all time. Omni channel gives an opportunity to increase the customer experience by making the customer’s life as easy as possible with easy-to-navigate tools on-the-go.

A great example for a well-integrated omni channel experience is Disney. The experience starts with their beautiful and mobile-responsive website. Once you have booked a trip, you can use the My Disney Experience tool to plan your trip – starting from where you want to eat and leading to tips on how to secure your Fast Pass. In the park you can use the mobile app to locate attractions and even view the estimated waiting time for each of them. With their Magic Band Program, you can use your mobile device as a hotel room key, a photo storage device for pictures taken of you with Disney characters, and even instrument to order food.

This is a great omni channel experience that enriches the whole experience, starting with your visit to the Disney website and ending with your satisfaction after your park experience has culminated.

Omni channel is the future of customer experience and therefore essential for all businesses.

At Identity Agency, we help you build your business with a strategic omni channel perspective that creates a holistic experience for your customers no matter where they are, to ensure the best buying experience and most loyal customers for your business.

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