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Bien Hoa Sugar


When Bien Hoa Sugar Packing approached Identity, they had already cemented their place as the leading company in sugar manufacturing in Vietnam for over 45 years. The general perception of their products in the market was that they were safe, modern and chemical-free.

However Bien Hoa Sugar started facing increasing competition from local and foreign brands, thus urgently requiring a repositioning of their brand in order to maintain their strength and expand internationally and locally.

One of our primary goal was assisting Bien Hoa Sugar in better communicating their values and capabilities to their consumers. We strived to position Bien Hoa Sugar as the household name when it comes to sugar for the purposes of cooking, baking and concocting beverages.


  • Packaging Design

  • Visual Identity


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“Breakthrough products require breakthrough design strategies”.

Our objective was to make the design easy to understand and highly recognisable. We proceeded to create round corners, implement strong and clear typography, incorporate a compelling shade of blue, and craft more persuasive sugar mountains. The end-result was vivacious and convincing but still retained the company’s authenticity as one of the oldest sugar manufacturers.

The second phase of repositioning and rebranding was to redesign the packaging. Bien Hoa Sugar’s product catalogue consisted of health-benefit sugar product lines, including 5 sugar types titled joy, pro, pure, value, plus. To express these values of the brand, each product line uses packaging that has smooth, curved bands to symbolize the softness and sweetness of sugar. Each band has its unique colour and pattern to differentiate each sugar type without creating disharmony, but the consistency in overall theme maintains the uniformity of the brand.

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Bien Hoa Sugar 9
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Our ability to rebrand Bien Hoa Sugar allowed their brand to rise to prominence once again. We helped them attain a more professional aesthetic and distinguish them from any fake brands trying to replicate their success.

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