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New City – Dragon gate of prosperity & positive feng shui



New City is a valuable project with an ideal location (10 minutes from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City), convenient facilities, and architectural ventilation. The client would like to launch the project; and they use brochures as one of the marketing collaterals at the event to emphasize all the project’s highlights, and convince their potential buyers in the most appealing way.

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New City


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We brainstormed concepts that weave intricate stories of the brand and appeal to the customer’s emotions. We target potential buyers and the brand’s primary audience with a fine-tuned and impassioned message. The elements we lay great emphasis on are love, health, wealth, fame, success, and luck.

In Asian philosophy, a home using Feng Shui elements will bring peace, prosperity and success for the residents. Due to our cross-cultural sensitivity, we hone in on the unique selling point of good Feng Shui for the Asian clientele.

Based on that rationale, New City brand has been characterized within a short and consistent key message:

New City – A beacon of peace, success and prosperity for those with a desire for the perfect home and a bright future.

With 6 values as detailed below:

  1. Dragon gate for your prosperity
  2. Green space for good Feng Shui
  3. The perfect location for sustainability and good fortune
  4. Distinguished design for high quality of life
  5. Connected for a leisurely life
  6. High standards with unparalleled views

Dragon Gate will impede negative energy from entering and will protect residents from any obstacles and adversity.

We took the wave graphic from the logo and used it to represent the Qi Energy flow, this symbolizes the movement of fresh air through the building. New City is a place where breeze, air, and water meet in harmony and combine to create a blissful atmosphere of peace for each resident.

We utilise carefully curated photos for the brochure. These photographs focus on the crucial parts of the Feng Shui that we wish to emphasise. The natural element of greenery allows customers to picture themselves and their family enjoying fresh air and a moment of quiet away in the middle of bustling Saigon.

The color palette selected for this brochure ranges between green and blue. These two colors ensure consistency with the original logo of New City and help to reinforce the elements of nature (sky, water, and flora) that we wish to project.


After 20 days of releasing the brochure at the sales event, 40% of apartments were sold. The concept we developed directly targeted the potential buyers and created a call-to-action. We were honoured to have directly helped New City project their company values to their primary audience.

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