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Pernod Ricard Interactive Brochure

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Pernod Ricard


Pernod Ricard, one of the largest suppliers of wines and spirits globally, required a comprehensive interactive brochure featuring over 90 of their international brands.

This digital brochure intended to have a two-prong approach: first, to function as a recipe book for bartenders, and second, to function as a guide for prospective consumers interested in the products. All the while, this brochure is required to encourage responsible consumption of alcohol and project an image of contemporary style and modernity.

  • Visual Identity


Our principal goal was to associate Pernod Ricard, and its multiple brands, with modernity, style and responsible enjoyment of alcohol. Our focus was to capture the essence of each brand and compile them in this digital brochure to create a strong visual identity.

Our research team gathered information on style, colour palettes, and graphic elements of each of the international brands. We compiled a visual map to harness the strongest elements of each brand and applied it to the brochure. Due to the variation of each brand, our team worked tirelessly to combine only relevant elements in order to make the brochure clean, crisp and easy to digest.

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To maintain the uniqueness of each brand, each page was developed carefully to demonstrate the individual style and personality of the brand. For example, HAVANA CLUB’s page was developed to match the brand personality: youthful, spirited, hearty and summery. CHIVAS REGAL, on the other hand, required deep, dark, chestnut colours of red, black and brown to depict it’s indulgent extravagance.

Our team at Identity Agency made sure that our beautiful visuals were supported by optimized search functions. 1-click capabilities made this an engaging brochure, allowing users to easily choose the brand they wished to learn about and select recipes for, without losing consumer attention even for one second.

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We helped our client reach a larger target audience by transforming their bulky physical brochure into a digital brochure that is responsive across all devices. Our digital brochure ensures access for Pernod Ricard’s customers from anywhere and at anytime via discovery on the website, e-mail marketing, presentations, and more – the possibilities of a digital brochure are endless!

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